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Importance Of An All-In-One Formula

Sperm health is incredibly complex, but most male fertility supplements are narrow-minded.

Some male fertility supplements may target 1 – 2 pathways of sperm health only. They might use L-Carnitine only or L-Arginine only in supporting  just sperm count or just sperm motility. These self-limiting formulas unable to support your overall sperm health.

To maximize your chance to conceive, a male fertility supplement must take a holistic approach in the formulation, that is to optimize as many major pathways as possible.

All-In-One Formula


That’s Why Fertient™ Men was developed

Fertient™ Men Box And Bottle

The goal? To create a Universal Male Fertility Formula that:

  • Functions as a holistic sperm optimizer to support a range of sperm conditions.
  • Is an all-in-one formula. So you only take 2 pills a day, not 6-8.
  • Only contains ingredients backed by scientific evidence for its efficacy on human, not monkey or rats.
  • Avoids all stimulants and additives for a safe, clean formula that’s easy for everybody to take.
  • Most importantly, help to increase your partner’s chance to conceive and make your fatherhood’s dream come true.


What Fertient™ Can Do For You?

Sperm Count

Help to optimize the concentration of your sperm.

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Sperm Motility

Help to optimize the "swimming" ability of your sperm.

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Sperm Morphology

Help to optimize the shape of your sperm.

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Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Help to avoid the DNA "breakage" of your sperm.
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Fertient™ Men Bottle


Give Your Sperm A Today!

Fertient™ Men Bottle
  • Support an array of sperm conditions
  • 14 research-backed ingredients
  • Ingredients supported by 39+ scientific researches
  • Made in USA from FDA approved factility
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